Visions in Exile: An Update

For those who have been waiting a long, long time for the sequel to my first book, Imperial Visions, there is good news! I’ve hit a key milestone for the sequel, Visions in Exile: I’ve finished the end of Part Two.

In chapter terms, this means Chapter 18 out of 25, or about 72% of the way through. 16 of the existing chapters are on 3rd draft(1); one is on 2nd draft and one is on 1st draft (but will be on 2nd draft by the end of the week). More importantly, I’ve managed to get into a rhythm in which I’m writing fairly regularly, averaging 1,000 words a week. Basically, I can’t write while I have children who aren’t sleeping through the night, but this is no longer a problem!

There is a very good chance, therefore, I will finish this year. I’ll post updates here, including a request for beta readers in due course.

If you haven’t read my first novel, you can find out more here, as well as buying a paperback copy here or a Kindle edition here.

(1) This is the final draft before beta reading.