Twilight Struggle

Would anyone be interested in a ‘correspondence’  game of Twilight Struggle?

Twilight Struggle is a great two-player game based on the Cold War. The two players represent the US and USSR and use cards to compete for influence in the other countries in the world. Cards can represent operations, like adding influence or organising coups, or historical events from hosting the Olympic Games to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In some ways, the game is slightly reminiscent of Go, in that you can play anywhere on the board on any turn, and the struggle for influence can move rapidly from one area to another. There is a lot more setting flavour of course, as well as elements such as a space race and a Defcon level (if nuclear war gets started on your turn, you lose). It’s relatively intuitive to pick up and very good.

Someone has also made a very good, fully faithful port of the game to Steam. The interface is very smooth. In this format, it lends itself extremely well to turn-based, asynchronous play – basically like play-by-email chess, with each game taking place over a few weeks and each turn taking 1-2 minutes a day. Which is a much more practical way of playing it for those of us with small children!

The Steam version is here.

Would anyone be interested in a game? If so, email/message/contact me and we can set one up.