The First Ten Posts: A Preview

In advance of blogging recommencing on 16th April, a sneak preview of what I anticipate the first ten posts will be(1). I fully reserve the right to insert other posts into this list should I change my mind about any of them, think of something else interesting or should something  happen in the world that I want to comment on! However, I think it likely that even if any of these drop out of the first ten, they’ll make an appearance in the first 20.

1. The Hobbit Film: The Tolkien Edit

2. Four Political Tribes

3. Quarterly Book Round-Up

4. In Defence of First Past The Post

5. A Trilemma in Social Policy

6. Chesterton: His Poetry

7. Making Markets Work: Public Procurement

8. Things I’ve Learned from Games

9. The Concept of the ‘Legitimate Customer’

10. Universal Basic Income: Looking at the Numbers


I intend to post 2-3 times a week. No comments on the substance of any of these yet please, as I am still bound by civil service impartiality rules.


(1) And yes, I have already written/started writing some of these. 🙂