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My books can be purchased in paperback and e-book versions. For more information, reviews and sample chapters visit the Writing page.

Imperial Visions

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A fantasy novel set in a colonial era world, technologically and sociologically similar to our own Age of Enlightenment.

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Fragments of a Vision
Fragments of a Vision is a collection of some of my early short stories. Whilst it is not the sequel to Imperial Visions, the stories do give strong indications of how the ideas for that novel arose: many of them are set in variants of the world of Edrith, whilst others explore themes or elements that would make an appearance in the final novel.

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Each year I produce a Christmas Quiz – see the Christmas Quizzes page for previous editions.

A friend, Chris Bush, has made an App with a number of the quizzes in – complete with hints and achievements.

Download the QuizTime! Cryptic Challenge App free.

I’ve also published the first twelve quizzes in a book, The Twelve Quizzes of Christmas.

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