Stuck for Christmas presents?

A few books written by me and friends of mine that might serve to fill those last minute ideas.

For science buffs, Cosmos, the Infographic Book of Space, by astronomers Chris North and Stuart Lowe provides brilliant visualisations that will make you think about the universe in different ways.

For historians, try Jacqueline Reiter’s The Late Lord, a biography of the Earl of Chatham (a relative of Pitt).

If you’re buying for children, Cluck Cluck Duck by Jean Blakey is an entertaining story with a twist at the end that my own children both enjoy.

For quiz and puzzle fiends, my own The Twelve Quizzes of Christmas compiles the first dozen Christmas Quizzes, plus bonus material, into a single coffee table book.

And finally, my own novel, Imperial Visions, remains a solid choice for any lover of fantasy – and the sequel is now 70% complete also! Buy it here (or Kindle version here).

Get those stockings filled!