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I’ve now been blogging for almost a month and am hugely encouraged by the response I’ve received – thank you to you, all of my readers. Substantive posts now regularly get well over 50 views, with total views per month pushing towards 2000. More importantly, I really appreciate the great comments and discussions we’re getting, both on the site itself and on social media, with some really interesting differences in views and perspective.

It would be great to build this community further. If you’ve been enjoying reading these posts, or the subsequent discussions, please do consider sharing this post – on Facebook, on Twitter or by other means. Let’s help spread the word.

We’ve had posts on political tribes, hymn classification, Brexit, science fiction, voting systems and logic puzzles; coming up will be means testing, new developments in science, the ‘experts’ controversy, Chesterton, the educational role of games, universal basic income and much much more.