Save Gosling Sports Hall

Below is the text of an email I’ve sent to GLL (who run Gosling) urging them to reconsider their decision to close Gosling Sports Hall.

If you live locally, do consider signing the petition, or writing to them yourselves. There’s a major local campaign going and both the Council and our MP, Grant Shapps have got involved so the more people that can show that they care about it staying open, the better the chance they might reconsider.

The petition is here:

And a Facebook Group here:

The text of the email I sent is below.

Dear [Name Withheld]

I’m writing to express my concern about the decision that GLL has taken to close Gosling Sports Hall from March. This is a vital community resource, well used by individuals, clubs and schools, many of whom will not be able to find alternative venues if the hall closes.

I appreciate that you have been holding a number of public meetings in recent days and hope that you will be listening to the strength of views that have been expressed in them.  The depth of support for the Hall is demonstrated by the number of people who attended the meetings, emphasising the importance of this issue to so many in the community. Over 4,000 people have signed the petition to save Gosling Sports Hall and I know that our MP, Grant Shapps, the leader of Welwyn Hatfield Council, as well as councillors of all parties have already expressed their concern to you and asked you to reconsider your decision.

I understand that you have a duty to consider the sustainability of all of your resources; however, Gosling Sports Hall was run for years at a small surplus under the previous management, and with Welwyn Garden City’s increasing population this should still be possible. There have clearly been some issues about the management of the hall in recent months, that have perhaps not led to it operating as efficiently as it could have done. I am confident, however, the both the Council and local community groups would be committed to working with you to find a way that the Hall can remain open and continue the local community. Given the strength of support for this campaign, it is clear that there is an active and loyal customer base there to support it!

It trust that you will reconsider your decision and find a way for the Sports Hall to remain open.

Best regards,

Iain Mansfield
Conservative Candidate for Panshanger