My local election result

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in my attempt to be elected as a Conservative Councillor for my local ward of Panshanger in the Borough of Welwyn Hatfield.

Last year the Conservatives lost this ward to the Liberal Democrats by 37 votes. After a very hard-fought campaign I actually managed to secure more votes than the previous Conservative candidate. Unfortunately, the winning candidate, Liberal Democrat Jane Quinton, did even better, extending the Liberal Democrat lead to nearly 200.

National issues clearly played heavily, with numerous long-term Conservative voters and even members telling me they could not vote Conservative this year, even at local level (some even apologised to me for this). Though I am disappointed, I understand and appreciate their position. More broadly, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is one of many that have gone from Conservative to No Overall Control.

I’d like to thank all of those who supported me through campaigning, delivering leaflets and other ways; the nearly 600 people who turned out to vote for me despite the difficult national circumanstance; and my opponents for running clean and non-personalised campaigns. Despite the result, I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the community in which I live better, and wish Jane Quinton all the best in her new role as Councillor for Panshanger.