Role-playing Games

Role-playing Games

Games currently listed on this page include:

  • Flame of Edrith
  • D12 Role-playing System

Flame of Edrith

Flame of Edrith: a fantasy role-playing system adaptable to almost any fantasy setting. A complete and comprehensive system, Flame of Edrith uses simple and quick mechanics for in-game activities such as combat to ensure smooth game play, whilst backing these up with more complex and wide-ranging rules governing facets of character development including guilds, experience, business and land ownership, military service, potion making and much much more. Flame of Edrith features:

    • Seven fully playable races.
    • Twenty-one distinct character professions.
    • A mana-based magic system centred around gemstones, including over three hundred unique spells, prayers and rituals.
    • A detailed bestiary with almost one hundred and fifty creatures.
    • A straight-forward and easy to use combat system.
    • Rules governing everything from rune-smithing to running an illegal business; from holding government office to language acquisition.

Download Flame of Edrith

D12 Role-Playing System (with J. D. Evans)

A much simpler system than Flame of Edrith, the premises of the d12 system are simplicity and ease of use, whilst still remaining robust enough to add structure to a game. Significant amounts of freedom is left to the players in terms of character creation and skills, whilst game play flows freely, without getting bogged down in detailed mechanics.

The system can be easily adapted to any setting, each setting module providing a short description, a list of professions and, optionally, any special rules. Two settings currently exist (see Setting Annex): Colonial Era (1880s-1920s) and High Fantasy.

Download the D12 Role-playing system

I have also created a third setting, set in the world of the Stargate SG-1 television series. It should be noted that Stargate SG-1 and associated terms are part of the Stargate Franchise are the intellectual property of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer – see note on copyright below.  This module is therefore a piece of fandom with no connection to or authorisation from anyone connected to the franchise.

Download the D12 Stargate SG-1 module here

If anyone creates any additional modules and would like me to add them to the core rules please feel free to do so and let me know.

If you have enjoyed playing any of these games, please let me know by either leaving a comment below or by contacting me.