Miscellaneous Games

This page includes games that I have created that do not fit neatly into any other category.

Games include:

  • Geolos: The Strategy Game
  • The Postulate Game
  • The Cartel Game

Geolos: The Strategy Game

Geolos: The Strategy Game is a complex play-by-email strategy game designed to be played over an extended period of time. Each player takes control of a country, with responsibility for its economy, military, espionage and diplomacy, seeking to gain dominance over the other players. Games are won by a mixture of wise strategy, daring military tactics, cunning diplomacy and political intrigue.

A game typically lasts for 10-15 turns with each turn lasting either a week or a month; during this time players carry out diplomacy with each other, fill in orders and submit them to the game-controller, who will process them and return them back.

Geolos is notable for featuring a system of political negotiation that is remarkably reminiscent of the European Council, despite the fact that I was entirely ignorant of the latter at the time I created Geolos.

Download the Player manual, the Military Guide and an Example Turn-Sheet. Should anyone wish to run a game, a combat simulator, game-controller’s notes and starting turnsheets for three different scenariors can be made available on request; however, I would prefer not to put these online.

Copyright notice: Geolos allows players to control armies of fantasy races that include races that are the proprietory information of a number of published authors, notably Robert Jordan (shadowspawn), Raymond E. Feist (cho-ja) and David Eddings (algroths and grolm). This was intended as a homage, their inclusion an indication of my admiration for their writing, and no commercial gain has at any time been at any time sought by me from the creation of the game Geolos. However, if any of the above have any objections please contact me and I will immediately remove this game from this site or otherwise modify it so it is not in breach of their rights.

The Postulate Game

In the Postulate Game, players combine postulates to create logical structures and simultaneously seek to steal, undermine and subvert their opponents’ logical structures in order to possess the most and largest structures in the game.

NB: This is not a game I have ever tried to play, nor do I necessarily recommend doing so; creating it was more of a thought experiment.

Download the rules

The Cartel Game

The Cartel Game is a business game in which players, usually in four or five teams with two or three people in each, take the role of companies seeking to make a profit by manufacturing and selling various consumer goods. The game is designed to show the commercial pressures on companies to form cartels, how such behaviour can result in higher prices for consumers and how enforcement action by competition authorities can put a stop to it.

Download the rules, turnsheets and spreadsheet of the cartel game here.

If you have enjoyed playing any of these games, please let me know by either leaving a comment below or contacting me.