D&D Political Alignments

YouGov recently put out the results of a poll which had attempted to classify the UK population in terms of D&D Alignment. Whilst an awesome concept, it did also produce a few peculiar results, mainly because of the way it relied on self-classification to determine alignment; nevertheless, it makes interesting and amusing reading.

This prompted me to classify political ideologies by D&D alignment, with the following result:




Lawful Good






Neutral Good



Chaotic Good






Lawful Neutral






True Neutral


Centrism / Corporatism

Chaotic Neutral





Lawful Evil





 Neutral Evil



 Chaotic Evil




The Lawful/Chaotic access is essentially about the power of the state and law and order, which can be seen on all rows, from the difference between fascism and anarchism, to conservatives placing a higher priority on law and order or authority than socialists. The Good/Evil access runs from the mainstream political movements at the top, through movements which are fundamentally value-free and seeking to maximise something else (respectively, maintaining the power of the state, maximising corporate wealth and elite position, maximising individual liberty) and the evil ideologies, straightforwardly running through fascism to anarchism.

Individual political parties will of course, in general, contain a mix of more than one ideology.