Conservative Candidate for Panshanger

As some of those reading this will know, I’m standing as the Conservative Candidate for Panshanger in the Borough Council elections this May. I’m delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to stand to represent the ward in which my family and I live and, if elected, to be able to work to do the best both for this community and for Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield more generally.

I’ve already been putting out some literature, supported by a great team of local volunteers, and if you’ve missed it you can read more about who I am and what I hope I’d achieve as a councillor for Panshanger by the leaflets linked below:

December 2018 (letter)

January 2019 (leaflet)

If you’re local and there are any issues which you’d like to let me know about, I’d love to hear about them – the best ways of contacting me are set out in the leaflets. And if you’d like to get involved or support in any way, whether that’s helping to deliver literature, knocking door to door or anything else, please do let me know.

P.S. It’s interesting to reflect that in Britain we stand for election but in America they run for office. I’m not sure if the language reflects anything deeper about how the two cultures view politics!