Christmas Quizzes

Each year since 2006 I’ve sent out a Christmas Quiz in my Christmas cards. Each year’s quiz has a theme and the style typically alternates between cryptic clues and more number based clues. Each year sees a fierce contest for the honour and glory that goes to the winning team.

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Christmas Quiz XVIII is now available!

This year it is a ‘letters and numbers’ quiz. Clues take the form of the first letter and number of letters in each word in the answer; Three Blind Mice would be T5 B5 M4. Spaces may indicate commas, clauses or other break points.

Download the quiz here. Rounds include Christmas Carols and Songs, Quotations from Films, Chess Openings, Think tanks, Poems (First Lines), Quotations from Monty Python, Books (Last Lines), Scientific and other laws, Slogans and Quotations from people of renown.

More quizzing

A friend, Chris Bush, has made an App with a number of the quizzes in – complete with hints and achievements.

Download the QuizTime! Cryptic Challenge App free.

I’ve also published the first twelve quizzes in a book, The Twelve Quizzes of Christmas. Buy the book here.

Quiz Archive

2023Letters and Numbers
2022Science (Cryptic)Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends
2021HistoryFriends of Julia; (seperately) Tom Booth and Friends
2020People (Cryptic)Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends
2019SequencesAlex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends
2018Countries and Regions (cryptic)Julia and Friends; (separately) Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends
2017Letters and numbers Julia, Iain G and Gareth
2016Animals (cryptic) Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends
2015DatesMartin and Ruth
2014Geographical Features (cryptic) Julia and her 6 more geographical friends Owen, Nick, Blaise, Rosie, Graham and Janet
2013Pairs O4 & J6
2012Surnames of MPs (cryptic)Owen Jones and Janice Chan
2011SequencesBen and Jo Pellereau
2010Book Titles (cryptic)Graham Stratton and Laura Hill
2009First letters and numbers Steve Burgess and Poppy Stagg
2008Cities (cryptic)Owen Jones and (separately) Julia Goedecke and the Emmanuelite Mathematicians
20077 (D in a W)   Ed Hutchinson
2006Tube Stations (cryptic)Owen Jones