Christmas Quizzes

Christmas Quizzes

Each year since 2006 I’ve sent out a Christmas Quiz in my Christmas cards. Each year’s quiz has a theme and the style typically alternates between cryptic clues and more number based clues. Each year sees a fierce contest for the honour and glory that goes to the winning team.

A friend, Chris Bush, has made an App with a number of the quizzes in – complete with hints and achievements.

Download the QuizTime! Cryptic Challenge App free.

I’ve also published the first twelve quizzes in a book, The Twelve Quizzes of Christmas. Buy the book here.

Quiz Archive

2020 Questions People (cryptic) Winner: Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends

2019 Questions Sequences Winner: Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends

2018    Questions    Countries and Regions (cryptic) Winner: Julia and Friends; (separately) Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends

2017    Questions    Letters and numbers                  Winner: Julia, Iain G and Gareth

2016    Questions    Animals (cryptic)                         Winner: Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends

2015    Questions    Dates                                          Winner: Martin and Ruth

2014    Questions    Geographical Features (cryptic) Winner: Julia and her 6 more geographical friends Owen, Nick, Blaise, Rosie, Graham and Janet

2013    Questions    Pairs                                           Winner: O4 & J6

2012:   Questions    Surnames of MPs (cryptic)         Winner: Owen Jones and Janice Chan

2011:   Questions    Sequences                                 Winner: Ben and Jo Pellereau

2010:   Questions    Book Titles (cryptic)                   Winner: Graham Stratton and Laura Hill

2009:   Questions    First letters and numbers           Winner: Steve Burgess and Poppy Stagg

2008:   Questions    Cities (cryptic)                           Winner: Owen Jones and (separately) Julia Goedecke and the Emmanuelite Mathematicians

2007:   Questions    7 (D in a W)                              Winner: Ed Hutchinson

2006:   Questions    Tube Stations (cryptic)             Winner: Owen Jones