Christmas Quiz XVI

Christmas Quix XVI is out! This year the theme is History, there are ten rounds and, within each round, all answers are in chronological order.

As always, answers will be available from Epiphany with honour and glory to the highest scoring individual/team.

Download Christmas Quiz XVI here.

Previous Christmas Quizzes, and a list of winners, can be found on the Christmas Quiz page of this website.

One thought on “Christmas Quiz XVI

  1. Errata (in original version):
    – Q7: should be C6, not C5.
    – Q40: should be O5, not O4.
    – Q45: should be R6, not R5 at the end.
    – Q71: should be S4, not D4, at the end.

    Q32-34 were misordered. It should read:
    32: S11 B7 O2 T3 V8
    33: L8 D2 V5 P6 T3 M4 L4
    34: D3 Q7 P9

    The version currently available to download from the website incorporates these corrections.

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