Christmas Quiz XVI – Answers

The answers to Christmas Quiz XVI are now available here.

This year, for the first time ever, we had two joint winners on 100%! I set the cut-off for the Honour Roll at 80, as 90 would have been too severe this year, and there was a steady flow of scores throughout the 80s, with no obvious break-point before then.

The full honour roll is:

Joint Winners
=1. Friends of Julia: 100
=1. Tom Booth and Friends: 100

Honour Roll

3. Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends: 96.5

4. Rod and Caroline Pellereau: 95

5. Clan Evans-Watkins: 94

6. The Norths: 91.5

7. Hills and Loves: 91

8. Pudsey Isolation Ward: 90.5

9. Sequeira Family: 89.5

10. Morys-Carters: 89

11. Fenton-Guinness Team: 88.5

12. Team Fox-Spence: 86

13. Richard & Co: 84

=14: The Energis Dinner Gang & Co: 83

=14: Nicola and Rory, Rupert, Victoria and Gavin: 83

16: Team Almondsbury: 81

For marking, I was happy to accept alternative words (as long as they had the right number of letters) for answers where people who clearly have the right event and where there is not one very standard way of referring to it (e.g. ‘prophesied/pronounced/proclaimed’ were all acceptable in Q63). I accepted three alternative answers which referred to completely different events, where these fit squarely within the time parameters and seemed comparable in terms of noteworthiness: Q9: The March Revolutions (intended: The Meiji Restoration); Q13: The Alexandrian Crusade (intended: The Albigensian Crusade); and Q43: The English Renaissance (intended: The English Reformation).

By round, Timeline of the Future was clearly the hardest round, with the mean number of points dropped in that round by the 16 Honour Roll teams being 4.7; this was followed by Endings, with a mean of 2.3 points dropped. Beyond that, the mean points dropped per round was fewer than 1 in each case: Beginnings (0.8), Art, Music and Literature (0.6), English Education (0.6), Science and Technology (0.3), Making of Modern Britain (0.3), Wars and Battles (0.2) and History of Middle Earth (0.1). The easiest round was Treaties and Councils, on which, remarkably, every Honour Roll team achieved full marks!

Congratulations to all of the above and to the many others who submitted and took part.