Christmas Quiz XV – Answers

The answers to Christmas Quiz XV are now available here.

This year, the winner with a rare perfect score of 100 was Alex Morris, Alex Craven and friends.

The full honour roll is:

1. Alex Morris, Alex Craven and friends: 100

2. Julia, Iain and Gareth: 98

3. Nicola and Rory: 97

4. Evans-Watkinses: 96

5. Pellereaux: 95

6. Owen and Janice: 94.5

7. The Hills and the Loves: 92

=8th: Mary Hucker: 91

=8th: Soozy and Andy Smith: 91

=8th: Harkers and Friends: 91

Congratulations to all of the above and to the many others who submitted and took part.