Christmas Quiz XIV: Winner, Honour Roll and Answers

The answers are now out for Christmas Quiz XIV, Sequences.

Download the answers here.

This year Alex Morris, Alex Craven and friends triumphs again, this time with a sole victory – and five and a half points clear of their nearest rivals! The full Honour Roll is below:

=1st: 87 Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends

2nd: 81.5 Soozy Smith and Family

3rd: 79.5 Julia, Owen, Nick and Iain

4th: 75 Richard & Co

5th: 73 Pellereaux

6th 72.5 Team HEA

7th: 71.5 International HE

8th: 71 Steven and Heather

=9th: 70.5 Sequeira Family

=9th: 70.5 Poppy and Phil

11th 70 Nicola and Rory

Questions Analysis

The first thing to say is that this was by far the hardest quiz since Christmas Quiz X. The winner got in the high 80s, rather than the 90s (last year two teams got 99) and, even more unusually, there was a big gap between each of the first, second and third placed teams, with the majority of the honour roll between 70 and 75. So a massive congratulations to everyone, including all those who narrowly missed out in the 60s, as well as everyone else who had fun taking part!

Unfortunately, 7 questions were got by no-one. These were 8 (humans travelling to Narnia), 14 (length of Henry VIII’s marriages), 16 (indicative vote defeat margins), 38 (biggest lakes), 50 (England World Cup goals), 53 (elements of the Periodic table) and 61 (Trans-Siberian Railway). Only one person got 23 (Disney Princesses) and only two got 52 (World Congress of Accountants) and 90 (Modern Major General). So these can be considered the ten hardest questions.

I was reasonably generous with alternatives, in particular accepting various answers for judo/karate belts, ambiguously sized whales, chess openings, the Horrible Histories Series and the London Underground. I also gave full credit for the entirely coincidental quadratic in the star apparent magnitude question, and would be grateful if someone could enlighten me as to the mysterious but clearly widely known ‘goat’ verse in ‘There was an old woman…’ (answers were split roughly 50:50 between this and cow).

More Quizzing

For further quizzing, the back issues of the Christmas Quiz can be found on the Christmas Quizzes page of this website. They can be also found in book form in The Twelve Quizzes of Christmas, or in App form at the Quiz Time app.

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