Christmas Quiz XIII: Winners, Honour Roll and Answers

The answers are now out for Christmas Quiz III, Countries and Regions! Download the answers here.

This year we have a joint winner. On 99 points each, we have Alex Morris, Alex Craven and friends; and Julia and friends! The full Honour Roll is below:

=1st: 99 Alex Morris, Alex Craven and Friends

=1st: 99 Julia and Friends

=3rd: 97 Owen and Janice

=3rd: 97 Watkins Family

=5th: 95 Pellereaux

=5th 95 Rich and Dave

7th: 94 Team Higher Education

8th: 92 The Norths

=9th: 97 Harker Family

=9th: 91.5 Jack and Greg

11th 91 Laura Hill

=12th: 90 Ros and Friends

=12th 90 Guinness, Fenton and Emma

Questions Analysis

I’m pleased to say that this time every question was answered by at least one person. 78 questions were answered correctly by everyone on the Honour Roll. Of the remaining 22, the breakdown is as follows:

Question 60 was answered by only 2 people – it refers to the last chapter of The House at Pooh Corner, where Pooh gets somewhat muddled by Christopher Robin trying to explain what he’s learning at school. Question 8 was originally intended to refer to Jos Plateau in Nigeria, Jos referring to the Asian term for good luck, but I accepted Plateau, given the fact that a recent President of Nigeria was called Goodluck. And to find out more about Torridon, the answer to Question 100, you need to read my book, Imperial Visions. Question 79 is Macedon – ‘mace don’ – as an Esquire Bedell carries a mace. And 96 is Numenor, the definition of numen being ‘the divine spirit of a place.

Question 19 is Ruhr – ‘Are you HR?’. 39 was Somaliland, referring to the drug in Brave New World – I didn’t accept Somalia. 87 was Bohemia (BO hem IA), 90 was Archenland (by analogy with arcsin, arccos, etc) and 94 Westeros, which I hadn’t expected to prove as difficult as it did.

More Quizzing

For further quizzing, the back issues of the Christmas Quiz can be found on the Christmas Quizzes page of this website. They can be also found in book form in The Twelve Quizzes of Christmas, or in App form at the Quiz Time app.