Christmas Quiz XIII is now live!

Christmas Quiz III is now live!

The theme this year is countries and regions: all answers are the names of countries or regions. All clues are based purely on the name of the country or region and any connection to the nature of the country or region is entirely coincidental. Names are the standard English name of the country or region. All reference sources are permitted.

Answers will be available from Epiphany from this site with the usual honour and glory to the highest scoring individual/team. Please email me with your completed answers by or before 11:59pm on 5th January for a chance at victory or the honour roll.

Download Christmas Quiz XIII here.


For other quiz-related entertainment, The Twelve Quizzes of Christmas, a compilation of the previous twelve quizzes, can be ordered here – the perfect present for anyone who likes puzzles.

Or alternatively check out the free QuizTime app for a mobile-based version of the first quiz, with additional quizzes being added soon. Get the app here.