Christmas Quiz coming soon

With under a month until Advent, Christmas Quiz XIV is almost complete, with only 13 questions to write.

This year the theme will be ‘sequences’. They could be sequences of all kind: mathematical, literary, geographical, dates and so on. It’s the same theme that was used for Christmas Quiz VI – though none of the questions are the same.

As always, the Quiz will be out on the first day of Advent (this year Sunday 1st December) with answers due in before Epiphany for a chance at honour and glory.

If you can’t wait until then, a friend, Chris Bush, has made an App with a number of the quizzes in – complete with hints and achievements. Download the QuizTime! Cryptic Challenge App free.

I’ve also published the first twelve quizzes in a book, The Twelve Quizzes of Christmas. Buy the book here.