Call for Guest Bloggers

A call for those who’d like to write a guest post for this site. In particular, I would be interested in featuring:

1) Posts on political/economic topics that I think are important to explore, am not opposed to, and interesting enough to what to know more about but not interesting enough to do all the research myself. For example:

  • Universal basic income.
  • Fiscally neutral land value taxes.
  • How to really build more houses without destroying green spaces.
  • Non-hair-shirted ways of effectively increasing carbon reduction at the whole system level; e.g. changes to feed in tariffs, supporting an electric vehicle network, etc
  • Merging income tax and national insurance.
  • Etc.

Ideally posts would look at numbers and analysis, rather than purely being polemical.

2) Alternative takes on political/social topics featured on this blog, provided they are in line with the blog’s overall spirit and direction. For example, I’d be happy to feature a left-wing defence of free speech, a Remainer’s view on the best way to deliver Brexit by 31 October, or a view from other political traditions on societal polarisation and how reduce it, but I won’t have a primary post whose main objective I fundamentally disagree with (that’s what the comments or people’s own blogs are for).

3) Book reviews. If it’s a book you’d recommend to me (and I don’t reject it at first sight), I’d be happy to feature a review of it.

4) Personal projects. If you’re a personal friend and you’ve written a book, made a board game, are creating art works for sale, have your own business or anything else of that nature, I’d be happy for you to write a guest post about it.

5) Anything else you’d like to write about that you think readers of this blog would find interesting.

Any ideas, message me (or email, Messenger, etc.).