Blogging will recommence on 16 April

After a four year hiatus, blogging will recommence on 16 April.

I intend to blog about a range of subjects, loosely grouped around the theme of books, politics, philosophy, games and other miscellany. There’s a whole host of things I want to write about, including book reviews, Brexit, free speech, games with time delays, political empathy, space exploration, theology, Tolkien and universal basic income, among many more. As I did before, despite the fact that I’ll no longer be bound by the civil service code of impartiality, I intend to try to be thoughtful about the issues I write about; to bring new angles, insights or evidence to bear; and, though I may sometimes be advancing a particular position, to do so via reasoned argument rather than polemic.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up via the box on the right to be updated each time I post. I expect to post 2-3 times a week.