Welcome to Edrith, home of my blog, as well as the repository for links to my writing, games and quizzes.

I blog regularly on politics, current affairs, economics, books, games and miscellany. I also post links to my articles that appear elsewhere on the internet, chiefly on Wonkhe, where I am a contributing editor, and on Conservative Home. You can find out more about me and how to contact me on the About and Contact page.

Under Writing you can find  my first novel, Imperial Visions, including a synopsis, reviews and sample chapters, as well as my collection of short stories, Fragments of a Vision. The name of the website, ‘Edrith’, refers to the name of the fantasy world featured in Imperial Visions.

Under Games you will find the rules of a number of the games I have invented. These include a Mediaeval-themed strategy game, a role selection game based on the world trading system and a hexagonal form of chess, as well as two role-playing systems and a card game themed around building a colony on a new continent.

Under Christmas Quizzes, can be found my collection of themed Christmas Quizzes which I have been sending out each year since 2006.

Finally, the Current Affairs page has links to my broader political writing, including my 2014 paper on Brexit that won the Institute of Economic Affairs €100,000 ‘Brexit’ prize for the best policy blueprint for the UK in the (then hypothetical) event of our departure from the EU.

Unless specifically indicated otherwise, I am very happy for any of the items on this website to be downloaded, reproduced or reposted, provided my recognition as the author/creator is maintained. If reposted on another website, I’d be grateful if you could also accompany it with a link back to this site. If you do use or enjoy anything you find here, please do let me know – I’d love to hear about it.

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